Was Jack White A Dick At His Detroit Homecoming Concert?

So our own Jack White played a homecoming show at the Fox Theatre, and depending on your vantage point either the venue wasn't right, the crowd wasn't into it or White was being difficult. Moreso than usual. » 7/29/14 4:40pm Tuesday 4:40pm

Finally, A Case To Make Michigan's Freeways Faster

I've said it, other drivers have said it and now the police are saying it: Michigan's freeways are too slow and they need to be bumped up a notch. It's just not helping anyone. » 7/28/14 4:35pm Monday 4:35pm

Even Detroit Politicians Are Having Their Water Shut Off

It seems no one is immune from the mass water shutoffs here in Detroit as customers with delinquent bills are being asked to cough up or go dry. The latest victim is a relatively drama-free Detroit city councilman. » 7/25/14 9:29am 7/25/14 9:29am

Glass Dick Owned By Kid Rock Is Center Of Ex-Juggalo's Harassment Suit

Somewhere in one of Kid Rock's residences, perhaps the large mansion he bought on Detroit's riverfront recently, is a glass dildo given to him as a gift. He's been subpoenaed to hand over that dildo to be used as evidence in a Juggalo-centric sexual harassment lawsuit. » 7/23/14 3:17pm 7/23/14 3:17pm

The Packard Plant's New Owner Hasn't Paid All Its Back Taxes Yet

With all this goodwill surrounding Detroit lately, it's time to check in with the dilapidated Packard Plant, purchased at auction last year. So how's it going over there? Eh, not as well as expected. » 7/11/14 10:12am 7/11/14 10:12am

What's Detroit Like A Year After The Bankruptcy?

Get ready, folks! It's time for another progress report on America's most forlorn and depressed city, now even deeper in the throes of bankruptcy than ever before. » 7/10/14 1:00pm 7/10/14 1:00pm