Mom Asked To Move 1993 Accord, Accidentally Steals Another 1993 Accord

So does everyone in Brooklyn drive a 1993 Honda Accord? Because if so, it's easy to make this mistake this well-meaning mom did. While her daughter and friends were on vacation, the car-sitter moved an Accord identical to an Accord belonging to one of the women, causing a clusterfuck of trouble. » 4/17/14 2:00pm Yesterday 2:00pm

Detroit Is Swiftly Becoming The Most Expensive City To Drive In

Owning a car in Detroit is a necessity, but at least it could be a pleasurable necessity. Now it's increasingly a burden. It's no longer a luxury, an enthusiast's hobby, a commuter's way of life or even a pledge of allegiance to the Motor City. Simply put, driving in Detroit is a horrible experience and no one at the… » 4/15/14 12:25pm Tuesday 12:25pm

Here In Detroit, Our Pizza Delivery Guys Carry Guns

I've mentioned before that getting food delivered in the city of Detroit is a bit of a challenge. Now you can see firsthand, thanks to this video of a local news anchor riding with a pistol-packing pizza delivery driver. » 4/14/14 12:53pm Monday 12:53pm

Here's How Not To Crowdfund A $3 Million Detroit Mansion Purchase

There's no doubt that Detroit is bustling with young creatives with the romance but not the finance to make their dreams come true. So we've got Kresge grants and Gilbert bankrolls, but crowdfunding is one of those things that we still have a tricky time with. Case in point. » 4/10/14 12:08pm 4/10/14 12:08pm

FYI, Don't Call 911 If You're Too Drunk Because You'll Get Arrested

You know how every year around New Year's (or Thanksgiving), people circulate a AAA number saying that if you call it, they'll give you a ride home? That's usually not true. Another number you shouldn't call? 911, because police won't give you a ride, either — except to the police station. » 4/08/14 12:11pm 4/08/14 12:11pm

Here's The Detroit News' Auto Writer's Reaction To NHTSA's Camera Rule

Look, we all have concerns about too much tech going into our cars, but there are ways of getting that message across without attempting to make hilarious light of the deaths of small children. This cartoon from The Detroit News misses the mark completely. » 4/07/14 11:35am 4/07/14 11:35am

It's Slightly Easier To Find Stolen Cars In Detroit If You Have OnStar

A little bit of good news from GM, which is harder to come by lately. The automaker's OnStar division is partnering with the Detroit Police Department to make it easier to track down stolen cars with the service. Great news for that narrow population of people that actually have it! » 4/03/14 9:12am 4/03/14 9:12am

The 'Motor City Masters' Trailer Doesn't Give Me Much Hope

I won't hold my breath on "Motor City Masters" being a success, but at least now we know some more details about the car-designer reality show from the trailer that's been recently uploaded. » 4/02/14 10:14am 4/02/14 10:14am

Opel Is Ending Exports To China, Will Likely Make An Adam For America

We're about to see a lot more Opel — kinda — in the U.S. and a lot less Opel in China. After years of unimpressive sales, GM is pulling Opel out of China. On the flip, GM will rebadge two more Opel products in the U.S. for Buicks — one of which is most likely the Adam we've been curious about. » 3/28/14 3:30pm 3/28/14 3:30pm

We're This Close From Being Able To Eat Random Roadkill In Michigan

Man, you know, sometimes I'm just headed up to Sleeping Bear Dunes and I just get hungry, and one of those quirky gas station diners with a bunch of fake log paneling and shit along I-75 just won't do it. You know what I've got a real hankering for? Deer on the side of the road! » 3/28/14 12:19pm 3/28/14 12:19pm

You'll Get Shot If You Break Into Any Detroit House

Last year I wrote a headline that read "You'll Get Shot If You Break Into This Detroit House." Well, that should be updated. Almost every time there has been a burglary lately, the burglars have been shot by the homeowners. » 3/26/14 11:52am 3/26/14 11:52am

Med School Compared To 12 Years A Slave In College Fundraising Poster

Ill-conceived "12 Years A Slave" parodies are to be expected, but to see this from Detroit's Wayne State University is a surprise. Maybe it's time for some all-hands-on-deck meetings considering the demographic changes at the school and the neighborhood it occupies. » 3/25/14 11:13am 3/25/14 11:13am