Sure, and then you'd have to pay property taxes, maintenance, insurance in one of America's most expensive counties where this man works...on $10 an hour. And still not have a car, or a reliable public transportation system to get to and from work. » 2/05/15 4:07pm 2/05/15 4:07pm

Us Midwesteners do like our underground booty jams. Seriously, if you're from Michigan (and by Michigan, I mean Detroit) and never danced to Adina's "T-Shirt and Panties" at least once at a sweaty high school or college party, you missed out on a crucial part of your adolescent upbringing. » 2/03/15 6:03pm 2/03/15 6:03pm

Lest we forget the purpose of the Detroit show, the L.A. show, or almost any show: It's organized by car dealerships to get people to buy cars. The press is secondary to the customer. Only over time did it build up as a big to-do for cranky autojournos. » 1/08/15 2:39pm 1/08/15 2:39pm

Son Buys Late Dad's Corvette Almost 40 Years After Mom Sold It

Break out the Kleenex for this. A Metro Detroit man is reunited with his dad's 1973 Corvette Stingray, a car he hadn't sat in since he was about three years old. The last time he rode in the car was after his dad died while working on it. » 10/06/14 9:02am 10/06/14 9:02am

Burnouts, Grafitti And 'Sketchbattling' On Detroit's North End

You should know by now that the best events in Detroit are the ones where we multitask. Here we're combining the love of the automobile with the city's burgeoning underground art movement. » 9/30/14 11:53pm 9/30/14 11:53pm

A Few Reasons Why Cadillac Leaving Detroit Isn't A Big Deal

People are all "Cadillac is a traitor to Detroit!" and I'm just kind of "meh" about this morning's announcement, which followed months of speculation. So what if they're moving to New York? Relax, take a deep breath, and see why this is actually a good thing. » 9/23/14 1:18pm 9/23/14 1:18pm

How Classic Mopeds Are Taking Over The Streets Of Detroit

The other day I suggested that there needs to be a proper motorcycle shop in the city of Detroit. There isn't yet, but I discovered something else (better?) this weekend: A moped shop, dealing almost exclusively in classic models. » 9/21/14 11:21pm 9/21/14 11:21pm

Someone Crashed A Chrome Gallardo Into A Wrangler By Michigan State

Oh, the things that go down at my alma mater. It's not even basketball season yet and expensive things are being destroyed. Sometime this month, a chromed-out Lamborghini Gallardo and a Jeep Wrangler collided just off Michigan State University's campus. » 9/12/14 5:48pm 9/12/14 5:48pm

This Documentary Pays Tribute To Classic American Car Designers

The money was flowing, the pavements were widening, the population was expanding. The heyday of the American auto industry meant designers had free will to push all creative limits to accommodate the driving class, and now a documentary is here to celebrate their accomplishments. » 9/10/14 11:03am 9/10/14 11:03am