I grew up in Detroit, but for the better part of my 28 years you could never buy a Slurpee here. The only way I knew Slurpees (or their not-as-fantastic Kmart counterparts, Icees), existed was because there was a 7-Eleven 45 miles away in Ypsilanti, a far-off town where my dad's family is from.

This is all about to change as three 7-Eleven stores are about to open in the city. To everyone else, this wouldn't be a big deal, but you have to understand this is Detroit we're talking about.

Detroit is the only major city in the U.S. without a lot of national chains, unless you count Family Dollar or Dollar General among your fine shopping experiences. Does your kid need some new clothes for summer camp? Tough shit, 'cause you gotta drive to a suburb just to get to an Old Navy or a Target. Want a fourthmeal? There are three Taco Bells in the city limits. Don't feel like driving to Taco Bell? You'll starve because nobody will deliver to your house. And speaking of food, we've also got this little problem of finding quality, affordable groceries that actually exist on the food pyramid.

It's understandable that most chains would avoid Detroit; a long-standing rumor is that the only Target in the city closed becasue of high shoplifting rates. But if a little store where I can get two taquitos, a kinda-dry-but-still-delicious Krispy Kreme custard donut and a Nesquik chocolate milk (you've done this) on the fly comes here, then that's progress to me.