China is the world's largest car market, yet it's taken some American car brands almost forever to establish a presence there. The Chinese are notorious for loving Buicks, but you'd be surprised that GM's other luxury brand โ€” here in 'Murrica we call them Cadillacs โ€” has only been in the country since 2006.

Today Cadillac announced it would be making the XTS in China. But wait, Donald Trump, there's more: The XTS made in China will be specifically for the Chinese market. And just so we're extra clear, GM's crack PR team lets us know up front that "Cadillac Begins XTS Production in China for China."

It's clear GM doesn't want any presidential candidates running around telling everyone that they're treasonist Obama-puppets, but we're more interested in the 2.0L turbo โ€” similar to the one in the American ATS โ€” that the Chinese XTS will get. Can that small thing push that boat?